Different Ideas of Bridal Shower Favors

Favours are a small token that you can give guests who come to honour the bride and groom. It could be bridal shower favors for those who want to hang out with the bride or groom before their big wedding day and it could be wedding favours. It is up to the couple whether they would like to give simple gifts or extravagant ones. However, whatever they choose, the message still gets across that they appreciate the presence of their invited guests who came to celebrate. This article will cover some bridal shower favours as well as wedding favours. Take the time to consider using them as fun, unique ideas. Perhaps you can even take two ideas to make a new favour idea.

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

With so much preparation for the wedding, these favours could sometimes be thought of last minute or not given much thought. However, if you do plan to have a bridal shower, it is worth the time to give this as much thought because of all the guests who have come to honour and support you.

Bridal Shower FavorsWhen thinking about favours, some of the things you have to consider are whether you would like your shower to be theme based. For example, you could host a party encouraging all guests to wear powder blue. Perhaps you would like the shower to be a fun activity like you and your girlfriends enjoying a day having a home service spa. These kinds of things will help you think of favours that go along the lines of your shower. One of the easiest and practical things to do is not spend too much on your bridal shower favors so that you can put the additional budget on your ceremony, reception, or honeymoon.

Cheap Bridal Flower Favors

Here are some budget friendly ideas for bridal shower favors:

1. Planted herbs. If you have a garden, you can start planting a few herbs or perhaps you already have some. All you need to do then is to place them in tiny pots to give away to your guests.

2. Accessories. There are so many accessories to choose from. You can choose from scarves to bracelets to necklaces. You can also consider giving away headpieces or hair clips. You can encourage your girlfriends to wear the accessories to your wedding. Guests and family will be able to identify your favourite girlfriends.

3. Nail polish. This is a favour that any girl would love and be able to use even after your wedding. For fun you can print your name and date on a sticker paper to put on the nail polish. You can also add an exciting name of the colour of the nail polish such as Blossoming Pink.

4. Goody treats. Before the big day you are still entitled to enjoy a few bites of some of your favourite cookies or chocolates. Why not share your favourites with the people closest to you. Have a break and indulge yourself noting that the moment will be the last day of singlehood for you.

DIY Bridal Shower Favors

Do-it-yourself bridal shower favours are also common and trendy. Because it is more personalized, it seems to give a greater effect in terms of showing your invited guests how much you truly appreciate them. Mind you, you do not need to take a lot of time working on details just because you’re personalizing a gift. Take for example the following favours which do not require a lot of hassle.

1. Cookie CD. Yes, bake your favourite chocolate chip cookie and insert it in a compact disc envelope. To make it look a little bit more presentable, you can wrap a ribbon around it with a tag that gives the details of your bridal shower.

2. Recipe bookmark. Make a bookmark with some of your favourite recipes which you are excited to whip up for your husband. Girlfriends and wives may be excited to try the recipes in their own homes.

3. Photographs. Make your own photo booth and take pictures using a Polaroid camera. These will definitely capture moments of the party and be keepsakes that will last forever. You can pass out key chains which they can insert the pictures in to take around with them wherever they go.

Best Wedding Favors

While some brides plan wedding favours on their own, keep in mind that the favours should be something that represents the couple. Asking and getting the help of the groom to the plan the bridal shower favors or wedding favours itself is a wonderful opportunity. Here are some wedding favours which the groom will be happy to pass out:

1. Potted plants. These can serve as centre pieces. Put some in tiny pots and have them on the table for your guests to take home after the wedding. Plant some of your favourites.

2. Homemade jam. Use your own recipe or that of his mothers or grandma. The jam you grew up with and it is special to share it with your beloved guests.

3. Journals. Get some eco-friendly paper and have them bound together. Guests will be delighted to take mini journals with them which are practical for them to use and carry around.

4. Quote cards. Write some of your favourite lines of poetry on small pieces of favour that you can put into a small box. Couples or singles will be able to place it on their tables to read to each other or when they want some inspiration on love.

Koozie Wedding Favors

PrintKooris are a good trendy idea for bridal shower favors or for the wedding. Kooris are like sleeves that you can put drinks in. It helps keep the drink cool and prevents condensation from ruining the table top or getting on your hands. These can now be personalized which make them unique and cool wedding favours. You can have your initial and that of your groom printed on it with the date of your wedding. When you get them made, you can also choose the kind of colour, size, and shape. There are a lot of koozies that can fit soda or beer cans, liquor, and even wine.

You can use some of the ideas posted above, research more ideas, or perhaps create your very own unique favour from the ideas floating in your brain. They do not need to cost a lot of money. There are stores that cater to these specific favours and you can also check what they already have in stock or what you can have customized. Again the most important thing for bridal shower favors and that for the wedding is that you are able to express your gratitude to your guests for showing up on one of the important dates of your life.

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